An excerpt from Arnold Schoenberg's string sextet Verklärte Nacht composed in 1899 and beautifully performed by the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, licensed from Universal Music and with extracts selected and combined by director Victor van Aswegen.

Niccolò Paganini's notoriously difficult Caprice for Violin No. 6 in G Minor composed in the early 1800s, in a breathtaking performance by South Korean violinist In Mo Yang, also licensed from Universal Music.

Eight tracks of production music selected by the director and licensed through Capasso.

But most importantly: 11 tracks of music composed and produced for the film by the brilliant classically trained Kristi Boonzaaier. Forged in close collaboration with the director into a perfect fit for the edited sequences, it is ultimately these tracks more than any of the others that define the film.


11 tracks composed for Sculpting This Earth by Kristi Boonzaaier


Louisa Theart on the alto flute, in the PolyForge Media recording studio with Kristi.


Lynn Rudolphs in the studio to record Kristi's lines for the viola.


Terry de Vries playing the glass bowls in the studio, and Kristi listening – over the subsequent months incorporated by him into the composed music to great effect, as were Terry's Tibetan bowl and monochord sounds.


PolyForge partners Kristi Boonzaaier and Deon van Heerden.


Music credits


Minimal Simplicity Ambient
Written by Gabriel Brosteanu
Courtesy of Library of the Human Soul

It's a Mystery
Written by Paolo Maddaloni
Courtesy of Zone Music Ltd

Desert at Dusk
Written by Paolo Maddaloni
Courtesy of Zone Music Ltd

Minimal Beautiful Cinematic
Written by Gabriel Brosteanu
Courtesy of Library of the Human Soul

Written by Rolf Wehmeier
Courtesy of Ring Musik

Around Basic Tone
Written by Andrea Ceccomori
Courtesy of Flipper Srl

Wide and Warm Flute
Written by Glenn Cartier
Courtesy of CosMind Musikverlag

Written by Carles Piles
Courtesy of Minim


Excerpt from Verklärte Nacht, Op. 4
Written by Arnold Schoenberg
Performed by Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
Licensed courtesy of Universal Music (Pty) Ltd

Caprice No. 6 in G Minor
From 24 Caprices for Violin, Op. 1
Written by Niccolò Paganini
Performed by In Mo Yang
Licensed courtesy of Universal Music (Pty) Ltd


Composed for Sculpting This Earth by Kristi Boonzaaier

Autumn's End • Ripples in the Desert • Place of No Water • Descent • Rock Circle • Sky Ladders • Intersecting Lines • Catching the Wind • Body • Unbroken • Here and Gone

Performed by:
Louisa Theart • flute and alto flute
Kristi Boonzaaier • clarinet and voice
Terry de Vries • percussion
Peter Voronov • violin and viola
Irina Markevich • violin
Lynn Rudolphs • viola
Steven Schumann • cello
Maciej Sadowski • double bass
Elizabeth Rademan • voice
Heidi Magdalena Boonzaaier • voice

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