Jonkershoek Valley, Stellenbosch

Having completed all the filming of the making of the artworks on the project by November 2021, bringing us full circle to summer again, exactly as planned, we could move on to filling the gaps – particularly with footage and sound recordings of Strijdom talking, of which we still had almost nothing. Not for lack of trying: with one exception our previous attempts had always been thwarted by noisy environments filled with the sounds of civilisation that we did not want in the soundtrack. We managed to find a quiet spot in Jonkershoek Valley where we only had to work around the sound of the occasional contingent of forestry workers or planes passing directly over Stellenbosch on the way to or from Cape Town International. On the beautiful late summer’s day we were getting our first shots of Strijdom walking in the valley (to be used with the voice-overs) we were lucky to have a strong wind at a high altitude blowing a spectacular white cloud over the mountains at the end of the valley.