Paradyskloof, Stellenbosch

Our first time back in Paradyskloof, this time in the forest, where Strijdom made leaf circles around the bases of trees on the Friday. First attempt at shooting the work late afternoon on the same day taught the lesson that in this location there was only the tiniest window between the moment we could start filming when the last direct rays of sunlight shining through the trees had left the work and the time soon after sunset when the light was insufficient for the sensor. Unsatisfactory result, but fortunately there was no wind, and Strijdom’s official-looking long red and white strip of thin plastic tape wrapped around the trunks forming the circumference of the work before we left for the night did the trick of deterring people from venturing into it in our absence. Early next morning we were back for the reshoot. The high mountain to the east meant enough time between the moment of sunrise behind it – and sufficient light for the sensor – and the first direct sunlight on the work later calling an end to shooting. Strijdom’s aluminium stepladder coming in handy once again in helping us capture the view of the work in its entirety from higher than human eye level. Some teamwork required for safety and a relatively stable shot, with Strijdom holding the ladder – and coming up with the idea to position it in such a way that I can reduce the precariousness of my position at the top of the ladder with the heavy camera to a degree by leaning against a tree trunk. 

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