Jonkershoek Valley, Stellenbosch

Fourth consecutive day starting at 4 am, emerging from the parking garage in Cape Town at 5 am sharp – as soon as allowed by lockdown curfew rules – to be in Jonkershoek by 6. This time of year, once the sun comes over the mountains shooting time is over. Fortunately we were working up the mountain slope and the mountains are high, which still left only just enough time for Strijdom to complete the work with the sticks and for me to get the shots. Before that we did a shot of Strijdom walking high up on the burnt mountain slope, a tiny figure moving from right to left in the frame. Just as he had done this and we had completed the first shot, the sun – otherwise still behind the mountains – started beautifully lighting up a part of the mountain in the frame, just to the right of the first vertical third. Thanks to coordination via cell phone over this far greater than shouting distance, we were able to redo the walk and capture the moment.

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