Jonkershoek Valley, Stellenbosch

Had to get up at 4 am once again, to be able to drive out of the parking garage in Cape Town at 5 am, the earliest allowed under lockdown regulations at the time, with the plan of being able to record early morning sounds of insects and birds in the forest where we had shot the water line the previous Saturday. Arrived there only to find conditions very different, with a breeze blowing through the trees – rendering the sound unusable for the footage of the windless morning when we filmed. Recorded it anyway as I had driven an hour to get there, and on the basis that the sound of the wind through the trees might come in useful in some other sequence in the film. Another 4 am start the next day – with better luck. No wind, and although the birds and insects were not quite as noisily conspicuous and ubiquitous as I had hoped, they were not completely absent or quiet either. Fortunately I had recorded some cicadas – that characteristic and abiding soundtrack of Stellenbosch summers – some weeks ago in January already, on one of our very first shoot days. Forestry workers starting up their petrol chainsaws at the beginning of their work day called an end to the recording session. 

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